The Original SMARTHEX™ TC


  • Pre-assembled, matched and tested sets reduce waste
  • Head-stamped Lot ID offers permanent traceability
  • Convenient one-man installation reduces labor and fatigue
  • No torches necessary to burn out rollers or thread-damaged bolts
  • Enhanced accessibility: Hold the wrenching surface and use turn-of-nut procedure if inadequate clearance prevents use of electric installation tool
  • Eliminates rollers: Use the wrenching surface to tighten if damaged threads cause rolling
  • Easy disassembly: Just hold the built-in wrenching surface and loosen nut
  • More efficient testing: Wrenching surface simplifies removal from test equipment—no more cutting out rollers!


The genius of the patented Lohr SMARTHEX™ lies in its dual nature.
The top half resembles an old-fashioned hex-head bolt, giving SMARTHEX™ all the advantages that iron workers appreciate from a standard hex: a wrenchable surface, easy removal from connections and test equipment, and extra insurance against unexpected installation problems.

The bottom half presents a washer-sized bearing surface equal to that of a hardened flat washer. This large bearing surface eliminates the need for a second washer on short slotted and oversized holes.