Matched Hex Sets


  • No erector bolt makeup costs
  • Buy exact quantities
  • Reduce thread damage during shipping
  • Streamline ordering: No ordering separate components from multiple
    sources and getting stuck with component excesses or varying delivery dates.
  • No more waste or counting out for project delivery
  • Reallocate Surplus Product: With our head-stamped Lot ID traceability, surplus doesn’t have to mean scrap. Our Lot ID gives you a built-in means of tracking surplus stock, matching it effortlessly to its certs, and reallocating it to future jobs. No hassle with mismatched components or counting out—you’ll have an immediate count.
  • Simplify inventory: Track all components with one count.


Introducing the first  conventional (non-tension control) hex head bolts manufactured as pre-assembled, matched sets with permanently traceable Lot IDs! For those who prefer conventional bolting but want Lohr’s famous traceability, 1-page certs, convenience, and savings.

Permanent Lot ID for Total Traceability

An identifying Lot ID stamped directly into the bolt head during manufacturing guarantees you total traceability from the mill to the connection. And because the same Lot ID applies to the whole matched set from a single manufacture, your paperwork savings are exponential.

Assembled, Matched Sets

Each pre-assembled set includes a Lot ID-stamped hex head bolt, F436 washer, and A563 DH lubricated nut. No more hassles over multiple sources and certs for multiple parts. No more nightmare paperwork conducting pre-installation verification tests with numerous possible combinations.

1-Page Certification

Like our patented SMARTHEX™ TC bolt sets, our new matched hex sets provide the convenience of single-sheet certification to streamline your paperwork, tracking and testing. Instead of tracking three separate items, you track a single assembly.