About LSF

Setting the standard
with more than 30 years of TC expertise

Our founder helped introduce tension control bolts to the U.S. market in 1973. In 1985, we launched our innovative large head tension control bolt—a full five years before the competition followed suit. That original large head design became the industry standard. In 2003, we redefined that standard with our patented LOHR SMARTHEX™ TC BOLT and patented THICK SMARTHEX™.  And now, with our new line of compact, powerful and rugged tension control installation tools, we’ve launched the first advance in tension control  tooling in decades!

Leading the tension control [R]EVOLUTION

We’ve never been content to follow the pack. We believe in product innovation, unsurpassed service, and a forward-looking business philosophy.

One-Stop Shopping

We’re best known for tension control, but we also supply a wide range of related products, which we have now expanded to include welding studs and conventional hex heads in our famous matched, Lot ID traceable sets.

Though our products alone set us above the rest, our commitment goes beyond product quality. From approval assistance and system Demonstrations to quick, in-house tool service, we make going the extra mile our business as usual. Call 1-800-782-4544 with any questions.